About The Blog & Contact Me

About This Blog & Contact Me

If you are a foodie and facebook user too, you should be knowing there are infinite number of food groups existing there with most wonderful users sharing their classy tried and tested recipes in every group!! 

I'am learning so much from them and keep saving so many recipes to try out!! 

I created this blog in honor of all those wonderful non-blogger males and females who share their valuable recipes with us there in fb and then it is lost somewhere under folders :) 

So this is my documentation of every recipes shared out there which is tried and tested already by the members of various groups. 

Credits will be given to the member and the group from where the recipes is being shared! I will add the group links, If anyone is interested can join in those groups. But I will not link up with the members profile for their security purpose. Recipes and Pics of the members will be shared as it is without any changes.

Note for Fb foodie members
Last but not the least If any fb user who comes across their recipe in this blog, does not like their recipes and pics being featured here, You can contact me any time to put down your recipes from this blog. And the request will be appreciated with due respect as it is your own work and you will hold all the rights  towards the recipes shared!!

Contact Me @ Aara Shaikh / Mail up at foodieaara(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Really a Good thought aara :) at least now, they can get a chance to share their recipes to everyone around the globe other than groups with this bloggy channel :)