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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Homemade Kulfi

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Cool,Creamy,Grainy irresistible yummy treat....Home made Kulfi ice-cream.
Done with shortened milk,whipped cream,sugar,saffron and finely chopped almond, cashew and Pistachio (more %). 
Utterly no space in my freezer for the kulfi moulds as it's nearly 4 kg,So poured n stored in large logs.
Can't stop just with one slice.....GOING ON n ON n ON

Can add more of saffron(kesar kulfi), cornstarch,khoya,any
fruit pulp,etc.Tried many times adding mango pulp… unbeatable taste.
I’m comfortable with two way of Successful Prep.Sharing both. 
Prep - 1
Whole milk – 1litre
Sugar - ¾ cup(more or
less as per taste)
Whipped cream – 1 cup
Cashew,Badam Pista(more %) - ¾ cup or as per taste
Saffron strands – pinch
Cardamom powder – as per taste
Chop half of the nuts.Coarsely powder the remaining.
Boil milk for five minutes and simmer the flame.
Scoop out 1 tbsp of boiling milk in a separate bowl.Crush and
add saffron to it.keep aside.
Add powdered nuts to the boiling milk,keep on slow stirring
as it often stick to bottom.
After 10-15 min of thickening add sugar.Give a stir for few
more min.Switch off flame.
Add Cardamom powder,saffron along with milk.Stir well and
When completely cooled add whipped cream and give a thorough
Pour in kulfi moulds.Store in freezer.
Usually nuts stay at the bottom.So I give a stir in midway for even distribution.

Prep -2:
Instead of shortened milk + whipped cream + sugar, replace 
1 litre milk +1 cup condensed milk + ½ cup milk powder.
Mix all and bring to boil.Simmer for 10 min.Add nuts.Stir for few more seconds.Off the flame.(Add more sugar if needed.)
Add saffron,cardamom powder.Stir well..
Cool and store.

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