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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Andey Ka Halwa / Katli

If you can see Reema's version of andey ka meetha in my blog sweets n spices you should also take a look at the vast variation of this method!! Yet My friend Wajiha has to show us another method of what her mom makes in pakistan :) Wow Anda seems to be a hit for halwa variations
Ande ka Halwa / Katli
By Ruhi Ahmed shared in sunny delights
Egg ..... 4 pcs. (200 gms)
Sugar ..... 200 gms
Ghee/ Refined oil ..... 200 gms
Almond, Cashew and Pistachio ..... for dressing
Measure and keep aside egg, sugar and ghee/ oil ( can use 1/2 amount of ghee and 1/2amount of oil too). But using ghee is definitely going to give a better aroma and flavour.
In a bowl beat eggs with a hand blender for 2-3 mins. Add ghee and blend for 2 more mins. Now put in the sugar little by little and blend well again.
Empty the mixture from the bowl Into a non- stick kadahi. *It is important to note that you should not pre- heat the kadahi. Now put the kadahi on medium flame and keep on stirring continuously. Do not stop stirring as the mixture might stick on the bottom. Lower the flame if it starts sticking. Will have to manage the flame as required. Keep on stirring till the ghee starts leaving the sides. Stir for 2 more mins.The halwa is ready. Dish it out and decorate with almond, cashew and pistachio.
**If you want to make Katli from this then continue stirring till the halwa starts changing it's colour. Pour it immediately on a pre greased dish. Pat it lightly to even the surface. Now let it stand for a few minutes ( approx. 5 mins. Do not let it cool ). Cut it to your desired shape with a knife.

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