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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Onion Kheer | Pyaz Ki Kheer

Yes I have seen pyaz ki kheer or onion kheer recipe long back it is skeptical to know, but the result seems awesome!! Take a look at the recipe :) I guess I should prepare this secretly someday for my family :P 

Recipe By Priyanka Prachi From Ghar ka khana

Years ago, I was horrified when I heard that they even dare to make Pyaaz ki Kheer. A sweet dish made of onions!!! Finally tried it - I was apprehensive as to how it would taste - but it IS yummy. And no one could guess !!! Now, next on card is Lehsuni kheer 
Okkk. The RECIPE - I slice the onions into rings and then boil it in water. Throw away the water. Wash the onion in running tap water. I repeat this process four times - till the oinion smell goes away. This step is very important. 
In the pan, I boil some milk till it was half the original amount. Make a paste of almond and cashew nuts and add it to the milk. Add some kesar too. In another pan, I saute the boiled onions and when they become slightly transparent, I add them to the boiling milk. Cook them together for a few minutes. And finally add sugar, elaichi and a few drops of rose water. Refrigerate and serve. Tastes awesome 

Potato kheer recipe from Prachi Priyanka  
Peel potatoes and then shred them /slice thinly. Soak in water for some time. Take it out and fry it in ghee on medium heat. Now add milk and slowly keep stirring till the potatoes become soft and the milk tends to be thicker. You can also add condensed milk to give it a richer look. Turn off the heat and add cardamoms, sugar and chopped dry fruits. Cool and serve! 


  1. Wow..wondering how it would taste...looks lovely

  2. Even aara I am so horrified too :-D shall try sometime secretly too.. I dot think no one gonna eat if I tell them