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Saturday, 22 November 2014

How To Set Curd Instantly

This Post won many hearts in the group, but I am yet to try this out!! As I was about to set curd today I recalled this but had no time to think back, So proceeded with normal method. So mean while this post is for you guys if u wanna try out!!

Recipe source : Jayanthis Indianrecipes From the group Home Chef Guild

Want to set curd in a jiffy during winter months?
Place milk with little curd in a pressure cooker with warm water. Off the stove Close the lid. Within 15 minutes your curd will be set!! The procedure. Boil milk let it cool down. When you touch the milk it should be just warm. Add curd. Mix well. In your pressure cooker pour 2 cups of water heat it. Make sure its just warm. Off the stove. Carefully place milk vessel in it. Close the lid of the milk vessel and place cooker lid. In 15 minutes time your curd will be set. I did it. But make sure after the curd is set you remember to keep the curd outside. Let it reach room temperature before you refrigerate.
In Bangalore we always add curd when the milk is warm. During winter and rainy season its even more difficult. Somedays milk will not set at all. I used to keep the milk(with little curd) inside microwave the whole night for fermenting!
If this is our condition image people living in North and western countries. Idly dosa batter will not ferment.

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