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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella Cheesecake

Recipe shared by micky singh from Just Sharing Stuffs

It's the easiest No bake one.
And I thought let's cut out all effort , and make this with ready to eat Chocolate emulsion....Nutella. This is what I did..

Oil a 9" Spring Form Tin.

I had leftover chocolate cake . I used that for base .

So 150 gms ...Chocolate cake crumbs
100 gms any bland crackers , blitzed to crumbs.
100 gms melted Amul Butter
Mix the above three and line your tin , taking some of the mixture up the sides as well. Chill for about one hour.

Make the filling with

350 gms hung curd ...Amul Masti ( hang for at least 24hrs)
350 gm jar of Nutella
50 gms caster sugar ( optional , omit if you want less sweet)

Whip hung curd with caster sugar if adding .
Swirl the Nutella into the whipped hung curd

Spoon onto the biscuit / cake base.
Chill overnight.

Garnish with strawberries...or any other seasonal fruit

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