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Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to Make Bhapa Doi In Pressure Cooker

Caramalized Version By Ramakrishna sir from United By food

the caramelization is achieved by a blow torch. The OPOS kit does not include one. So we have to find a way to get this effect at one shot in a PC.
The way to do that is to ensure all water is evaporated. Then the temperature can rise much above 120. But the timing and water quantity have to be carefully controlled to prevent accidents and achieve just the right degree of caramelization.
1/2 C water takes around 18 minutes to completely evaporate from a 2L stainless steel PC when heated at 600 W. So after this time, the PC will be heated dry and the bottom layer will reach temperatures much above 120 degrees.
So if you add 1/2C water and cook it for 20 minutes, instead of 15 minutes, all water in the outer vessel will evaporate in 18 mins and for the last 2 minutes, the PC will be heated dry. This heating will caramelize the bottom layer of the dessert, giving it a browned top.
The flip side is that the sticky sugar syrup would stick to the rubber seal and you might need to wrestle with your cooker to open it.
Cooking without water in a pressure cooker is a dangerous procedure and might wreck your gasket or even your cooker. So please do not try it at home. Caramelization is not mandatory for this theme.

Normal bhapa Doi Tried By Rose Smile and her notes

Proposed Recipe : 
Mix 1C strained yogurt, 1 C condensed milk, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder. Pour in a vessel. Place vessel inside a PC. Pour 1/2C water outside the vessel.
Pressurecook at 600W (Med-low) for 15 mins. garnish with chopped nuts & dry fruits.
Try it out and let me know if it works !

I tried Ramki's OPOS Bhapa Doi's trial recipe and oh yeah Baby, it works marvellously!!!! Exactly 15 mins and No flaw at all! You MUST try!!! 
My notes: 
- I used store bought yogurt and it's pretty thick but i still passed it through the strainer to remove any excess water and that's the key to the flawless result! 
- I used my Canadian 5 ltr PC with an inner vessel, filled the PC with water exactly to the level of my mixture in the inner vessel and pressure cooked it in med-low (#6 in electric stove). 
- To my surprise, it was perfectly firm (refer to the pic 4 & 5) when i took it out from PC so no need for extra mins to let it settle. 
- There was a thin layer of water on top and i tilt it gently to remove it. 
- Pic #5 shows u exactly how firm it is and how easily it comes off frm the inner vessel.. I was so thrilled by seeing it...  
- Finger licking taste!! I want to serve this tomorrow as a surprise dessert to my younger bro so don't want to cut it now but tasted a tiny piece frm the side... Couldn't resist! 
- I poured bit of maple syrup over but want to keep it simple since i like that original taste of the dessert..
This is definitely a keeper recipe for me and planning to come up with lot of other innovative ideas using this recipe as a base! Making this reminded me of all the desserts we bake in oven using water bath such as Creme brulee, Flan, etc. PC replaces the oven water bath.. Pretty interesting!!

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